I love breakfast – plain and simple. Given a choice of my favourite meal, breakfast wins by a mile. And it would seem that I am not alone in my adulation of this humble meal. Breakfast is gaining popularity both in restaurants, more and more of which offer an all day breakfast as well as catering events, as we find that a substantial part of our business comes from breakfast events.


Personally, I have so many different things that I like for breakfast, but if I had to choose my absolute two favourites, the first one would have to be a Gordon Ramsay treasure. It is a croissant stuffed with a creamy chive scrambled egg served with a topping of smoked salmon. I still remember watching him make this recipe on a BBC channel while I lived in London. I was salivating all through the program and it had barely finished when I ran to the shops to grab the ingredients to try it out for myself. And I’m so glad I did, because it tasted even better than what it looked like on screen. Since then, I’ve made this recipe dozens of times, sometimes as a self indulgent treat and other times as part of a breakfast spread for friends and family. Thank you Chef Ramsay – what a winner!

Just to prove how varied my taste buds are, my second favourite breakfast of all is a North Indian classic. It is called “Aloo Paratha” and it’s basically a spicy potato stuffed flatbread. When made perfectly, it is absolutely sublime. It is widely available across the Indian subcontinent and typically served piping hot off the pan topped with oodles of clarified butter or ghee (because what’s life without a good measure of butter?) and a dollop of thick yoghurt as well as a mango or lemon pickle on the side. I know what you’re thinking – Pickle? For breakfast?? Trust me, the combination just works! The best aloo paratha I have ever had was almost 15 years ago in a little dhaba (a street cafe) in Ludhiana, which is a small town in Punjab, India. I still remember taking the first bite and being transported straight to culinary heaven. This, I’m sure is the true measure of great food – to be able to remember it in such detail years after you have eaten it!

Coming back to the here and now, breakfast catering can be so versatile - from healthy fruit options to yoghurt muesli in shot glasses, decadent muffins and quiches to hot scrambled eggs served with cocktail sausages, mini English muffins served with strawberries and cream, or luxurious smoked salmon served on mini pecan and rye bread. The list is endless. And scrumptious.

So do consider a breakfast event for your next get together, be it at home or in a corporate environment. Breakfast is, after all, the most important meal of the day.